Blockstack Roadmap


  • Stacks 2.0 mainnet will launch upon successful exiting all four testnet phases.
    (Mainnet launch set for Jan. 14th 2021. See details.)
  • Clarity smart contract language live on Stacks 2.0 mainnet.
  • Ecosystem grants for Blockstack infrastructure and integrations.
  • App Mining 2.0 for app developer incentives.
  • Request for Startups (RFS) for the Blockstack ecosystem.
  • App chains for scaling apps and new crypto assets.

H2 2020

  • Stacks 2.0 achieves mainnet readiness, code complete by December 15th, 2020
  • Login SDKs for easy on-boarding.
  • Collections for sharing user data between apps.
  • Android Stacks 2.0 wallet with Ledger integration.
  • Clarity language tooling and developer resources.
  • Community-driven App Mining 2.0 proposals and experimental grants.

H1 2020

  • Increased decentralization of the Blockstack ecosystem, independent entities.
  • Stacks 2.0 testnet release, and completion of initial testnet phases.
  • Community-driven formation of an independent Stacks Foundation.
  • Wallet SDK for integrations with wallets, exchanges, and custody.
  • New user authenticator with simplified UX.
  • Whitepaper for PoX mining and earning Bitcoin by participating in consensus.
  • Final hardfork of the Stacks 1.0 chain, distribution of STX to 300K new owners.
  • Initial network growth and scaling username registrations (Milestone 2).
  • Increase App Mining 1.0 STX payouts. Proposals for App Mining 2.0.
  • SIP-007 accepted for PoX mining and earning Bitcoin.


  • App Mining 1.0 resulted in growth from 27 apps to 350 apps.
  • International (non-US) exchange listing of STX on Binance and Hashkey Pro.
  • Host 4th Annual Blockstack Summit 2019, the annual flagship event.
  • Partnership with Lambda School to teach Blockstack to student developers.
  • Raised ~$23M in first ever SEC-qualified token offering in US history and Asian strategic funding round.
  • Updated Blockstack whitepaper 2.0 and translated to Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • Released prototype virtual machine (VM) for Clarity smart contracting language.
  • Started R&D for Stacks 2.0 and established Stacks Improvement Proposals (SIPs).
  • Released Radiks which provides a database interface and indexing on top of Gaia.


  • Achieved Milestone 1 of successful launch of Stacks 1.0 blockchain.
  • Launched App Mining pilot with initial apps indexed on
  • Independent New Internet Labs entity formed in Hong Kong.
  • Held decentralizing the World Tour announced with 31 global meetups.
  • Released the Stacks 1.0 blockchain testnet and Stacks 1.0 wallet.
  • Released the developer Alpha of Blockstack iOS and Android SDKs.
  • Held Blockstack Berlin, with Edward Snowden as the keynote speaker.
  • Released Gaia decentralized storage, with multiplayer support.


  • Raised $47.5M in token offering from 800 accredited investors and institutions.
  • Released the public alpha of the Blockstack Browser.
  • Held the Blockstack Summit in Mountain View.
  • Launched the Signature Fund for decentralized applications.
  • Converted to a Public Beneficiary Corp (PBC) to enable an open, decentralized internet.
  • Released the alpha developer platform, including decentralized login for apps.
  • Muneeb finished his PhD thesis on Blockstack at Princeton University. Published whitepaper.
  • R&D work finished and raised a $4 million Series A funding led by Union Square Ventures.

Early History:

  • Released initial design of Blockstack, research on scalable blockchains and long-term storage.
  • First Blockstack Summit at NYU
  • Peer reviewed publication on blockchain virtualization tech at DCCL’16.
  • Blockstack architecture published at USENIX Annual Technical Conference 2016.
  • Went through Y Combinator in summer 2014, and raised a seed round.
  • Launched a decentralized identity system, one of the first non-financial blockchain uses.
  • Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea met at Princeton University and started the project.

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